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How Circus Smirkus Helps Schools Fundraise

Have you ever thought of being a presenter for Circus Smirkus?

Our diverse family of presenters include many non-profit organizations and schools, who raise significant funds to supplement their annual budgets. We have presenters who consistently raise over $20K each year by bringing the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour to their communities.

Watch this video by WCSH6 of Portland, Maine to see how students in Kennebunkport helped raise money for their school with Circus Smirkus.

Editors note: This article is by Robert Nesbitt of WCSH6 of Portland, Maine and was originally published there on September 6, 2017

Kennebunkport Students Compete For Most Volunteer Hours

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Students at the Kennebunkport Consolidated School competed against each other to get the most volunteer hours.

Circus Smirkus raised around $15,000 for the Kennebunkport Consolidated Schools

The school has students in Kindergarten to fifth grade. They all competed this year to see who could accumulate the most volunteer hours. The goal is for parents and students to sign up for volunteer opportunities that benefit the school.

“One of the biggest benefits to bringing circus to town is that our students really get a sense of what it’s like to be part of something larger than themselves,” said teacher Jennifer Humphrey.

One way that students got their hours was helping the aerial acts and gymnasts of Circus Smirkus. A program based out of Vermont where summer training is offered to teens interested in circus entertainment. Circus Smirkus was invited by the Kennebunkport Consolidated School’s Parent Teacher Association for the twelfth year.

“There are so many different jobs that has to be done in terms of getting something of this magnitude off the ground,” said Humphrey. “They really work hard. The parents, the students, the teachers. Everybody collaborates to make circus what it is.”

Students and parents did everything from prepare and fold circus program books to welcome guests and usher them to their seats like Mara Muse was assigned to do.

“I like watching the circus and seeing how different the performance is every year and I like helping out because it makes you feel like you’re a part of something,” said Muse.

Circus Smirkus raised around $15,000 for the Kennebunkport Consolidated School. There was a tie between the second and fifth grade for the most volunteer hours.