Smirkus Wish-List



The wide array of circus acts, the constant call to astound and amaze our audiences, and our highly creative crew of fun loving roustabouts requires that we use a number of things you might not think to find in a circus.

★ A fifteen-foot foam whale with a functioning blowhole? Yep. We used one of those.
☆ A baby pool converted to an ice-filled cooling station during hot shows? Check.
★ Soaker hoses to spread water over the top of the tent for evaporative cooling? Standard issue.

The outlandish and unexpected is our stock and trade. So is the familiar used in unfamiliar ways. I wish I had a rubber chicken for every time we have gone out and purchased something only to have a Smirkus fan tell us, “Oh, I just threw one of those away. I wish you had told me.”

This year, we thought we would ask first… buy later. So here goes. We’ve compiled a list of

1. Ordinary things we are pretty sure we need.
2. Semi-expensive digital-type stuff… Electronics that we hope you just upgraded from and don’t know what to do with the old one.
3. Extras from your garage, shop and shed: Tools and materials that our crew use to create the one-step-away world that we invite our audiences to run away with us to.
4. Really big honking equipment. Seriously, we are talking about the kind of vehicles that need traffic horns that go honk.

Read this list for the fun of it. If you have anything you would want to donate, we can provide a tax deduction, and a wading pool full of appreciation. If you see something sorta close to what’s on the list, let’s talk.
Setting up in St. Johnsbury


★ Bookcases
☆ Area Rugs
★ Ceiling Fans

☆ Electric Range
★ Chest Freezer
☆ Garden Cart
★ Picnic Tables and Park Benches
☆ Laminating Machine
★ Industrial and Domestic Sewing Machine(s)
☆ Clothing Display Racks
★ Fuel Cards for gas and diesel
☆ Gift Cards to the Big Boxes: BJs, Costco, pizza, other food/grocery
★ Airline Miles: flights for coaches and tour staff
☆ Face Paint for concessions
★ Single/Twin Mattresses for trouper and bunk trailers


☆ iPad Air Wi-Fi 16GB
★ iPhones: 5s or higher
☆ Nikon D5500 or similar SLR camera
★ Nikon/Nikkor lenses
☆ SB800/900 off-camera flash
★ SD cards: 32 GB or higher
☆ USB drives: 32 GB or higher
★ Laptops with wifi and Windows 7+
☆ Point and shoot digital cameras
★ Video Camera
☆ Plasma Screen TV/Monitor
★ iHome or other portable speaker player
☆ Fender Passport PA System
★ LED Show Lights
☆ Retractable Movie Screen


★ Safety Equipment, including eye, ear, and respiratory protection
☆ Standard Hand Tools: wrenches, screwdrivers, socket sets, paint brushes, etc.
★ Woodworking Tools: air/nail gun, staple gun, sander, circular saw, jigsaw, router, cordless drill/impact kits, blades and accessories for all tools
☆ Assorted bolts and fasteners – extra credit given for organizers and identified sizes
★ 10, 12, 14 gauge extension cords
☆ Tool Storage: cabinets, toolboxes, and rolling cases to keep these goodies in swell condition
★ Masking, duct, electrical and painters tape
☆ Foam for building props (another 15’ whale, perhaps?)
★ Steel – angle iron, flat, tube
☆ Plywood – assorted sizes and grades
★ Wood – assorted sizes and grades – standard and pressure treated
☆ Propane tanks for the Pie Car and RVs
★ “Big Ass Fans” (seriously: for ventilation in the Big Top and Backstage


☆ Office Trailer for Tech and Creative Staff
★ 15 Passenger Vans
☆ Pickup trucks: 1 ton or larger
★ Box trucks: 16′ and 26′
☆ RVs and campers, either tow-behind or coach
★ Bobcat A770 / Skidsteer
☆ Lawn Tractor
★ Golf Cart
☆ Flat Top Grill for the Pie Car
★ Consulting services to solve hot water heating issues in the Pie Car
☆ 75+ kw Generator
★ Compressor: 80 cfm, tow-behind