Explore the World of Up, HUP & Away!

BirdWingsIt is the early 1900s. A new age of adventure and freedom has been born from the now-receding Victorian era.

Now, after centuries of only dreaming of flight, inventors, financiers, and would-be aeronauts are in a race to be the first to escape the bonds of gravity.

Filled with wonder and ambition, our teams of clowns, aerialists, jugglers, and high-flying tumblers dream impossible dreams, bravely face unending challenges, persistently try, fail, and try again as they spread their wings and look to the skies.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Cast of Characters:

Costume_Uni     Costume_Troy     Costume_Clowns
Up, HUP and Away! is populated by a world of colorful characters. Helping them come to life and take flight include:

  • Designer Julie Michael developed the concepts for this year’s costumes. As the child of a circus clown and tightrope walker, Julie naturally gravitates toward circus costuming. Fortunately and perhaps consequently, she loves to work with spandex and enjoys an artfully placed rhinestone.
  • Matt Williams has been the resident choreographer for Circus Smirkus since 2006. His work can also be seen in many settings, including opera and theaters both on and off-Broadway.
  • Composer Mike Bishop wrote the original music presented in the show. Mostly writing for TV and film, this is his first circus score. His music is being played during the tour by Jacob Levitin and Peter Bufano.

By the Numbers:

  • Troupers: This year’s cast includes 30 troupers ranging in age from 11 to 18, representing 13 states.
  • Troupers are supported by 50 Crew Members who help take the show down the road: tent crew, cooks, counselors, coaches, concessionaires, and box office staff.
  • Every circus tent has a name. The Chapiteau weighs 20 tons and is 80 feet in diameter – that’s over 5,000 square feet!
  • 15,000 people proudly purchase clown noses every year.
  • Over the years, Smirkus has raised over $2.5 Million for more that 90 local non-profit partner producers.